Announcing the Sinatra Centennial Blogathon!

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Come fly with us and join the Sinatra Centennial Blogathon! As you’re probably aware, December 12 this year would have been Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday. Many celebrations are being staged around the world to mark his Centennial – and now classic movie bloggers can raise a toast too.

Emily of The Vintage Cameo and Judy of the Movie Classics blog are joining forces to hold a blogathon over the birthday weekend, from December 10 to 13, and we would love you to join in.

Although Sinatra is of course best-known as a singer, he also starred in many films, from the 1940s right through to the ’70s, and won an Oscar for his role in From Here to Eternity.

So there are plenty of subjects to choose from, ranging from films and TV shows Sinatra appeared in to his movie soundtrack songs, his collaborations with other stars such as Gene Kelly and the Rat Pack, phases of his career, events you have been to in your home area, etc. Choose your favorite Sinatra-related idea and do it your way. But, bear in mind, since there are so many potential topics, we are asking please for no duplication.

Please post a comment below or e-mail Emily at or Judy at with your chosen topic, giving the name of your blog and its URL. Let us know if you have a preferred posting date, or if not we can assign you one.






The Vintage Cameo – Frank Sinatra’s Los Angeles Landmarks

Movie ClassicsSinatra and Bing Crosby & Meet Danny Wilson

Moon in Gemini – The Miracle of the Bells

The Stop Button – A Hole in the Head

Caftan WomanFrank’s Oscar-nominated songs

LA ExplorerYoung at Heart

BNoirDetour Suddenly

Silver Screenings – The Man with the Golden Arm

Lady Eve’s Reel Life –  Frank Sinatra in 1965: It Was a Very Good Year

Grand Old Movies – The Joker Is Wild

Serendipitous AnachronismsThe Manchurian Candidate

Wide Screen World – Sinatra and Hoboken

Twenty Four Frames – It Happened in Brooklyn

Just a Cineast – The Detective

Portraits by Jenni – The Tender Trap

Love Letters to Old HollywoodPal Joey

The Wonderful World of Cinema – From Here to Eternity

Critica Retro Guys and Dolls

Old Hollywood FilmsOn the Town

4 Star Film FanSome Came Running

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – The Devil at 4 O’Clock

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies  – Sinatra and Lauren Bacall

Vienna’s Classic Hollywood Sinatra’s Films on Foreign Posters

Mildred’s Fatburgers – Suspense: To Find Help (radio drama January 18 1945)

Back to Golden Days Sinatra and Gene Kelly

Wonders in the Dark The Manchurian Candidate

Mike’s Take on the Movies  – Von Ryan’s Express

Let’s Go to the Movies – High Society

A Shroud of Thoughts – Ocean’s 11

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest – Take Me Out to the Ball Game

MovieFanFare“The House I Live In”

Crimson Kimono Come Blow Your Horn

Flickin’ Out – Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack: The Ultimate #SquadGoals

Stars and LettersA Letter from Frank Sinatra

My Magick Theatre – Frank Sinatra, Teen Idol

Brian Camp’s Film and Anime BlogFrank Sinatra Centennial

Hometowns to HollywoodFrank Sinatra’s Hometown

Cinema Sentries – Sinatra: All or Nothing At All

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52 Responses

  1. Andrew Wickliffe
    | Reply

    Ooooh! A Hole in the Head for The Stop Button (


  2. I’d like to work up something on the songs Frank introduced that were nominated for Oscars. I’ve done similar pieces for Bing Crosby and Doris Day. It’s time I gave Frank the treatment.

    • Emily
      | Reply

      Ooh, fun! I am looking forward to reading (/listening)!

  3. Melanie
    | Reply

    I’d like to do Young at Heart. Blog – LA Explorer (

    • Emily
      | Reply

      Yay, that’s one of my favorites! And well-utilized in movie soundtracks too :)

  4. The Lady Eve
    | Reply

    I’d like to contribute a piece titled “Frank Sinatra in 1965: It Was a Very Good Year.”

    • Emily
      | Reply

      Wonderful! Quite a year indeed :)

  5. Summer Reeves
    | Reply

    Hmmm… I’d better grab “The Manchurian Candidate” asap! So much for my “no blogathons in December” promise
    BTW, Fab theme!
    Summer Reeves | | Twitter @kitschmeonce

    • Emily
      | Reply

      You got it! And I know, they’re so hard to resist :)

  6. Rich
    | Reply

    I live relatively close to Hoboken, NJ. How would a piece about his hometown and his early years there sound?

    • Emily
      | Reply

      That sounds awesome, Rich! Glad to have you aboard!

  7. Virginie Pronovost
    | Reply

    Hey that’s a great idea! I’d lie to write about From Here to Eternity. :) My Blog is The Wonderful World of Cinema

    • Emily
      | Reply

      You got it! Looking forward to reading it!

  8. I would love to participate but I will be going away for a month and leaving around about that date, I will see if I can get a post done early.

    • Emily
      | Reply

      Certainly! We’d love to have you if it works out.

  9. 4StarFilmFan
    | Reply

    I would be interested in participating and writing on Some Came Running if it’s free! My blog is 4 Star Films (

  10. I know it’s a hard time for me, but I can’t resist participating. I will write my post early and will publish it on the day. Could I do “On The Town”?

    My blog: In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood

  11. Hi Emily. I’m not sure if you received my last comment. My blog is saying it didn’t go through. Anyway I’m hosting a blogathon in late January and would like to invite you to participate. The link is below with more details

    • thevintagecameo
      | Reply

      Hi Crystal—sorry, I totally did, but couldn’t figure out how to comment on my blog, haha—somehow the comment got nested all the way to the right so you can’t see it anymore! Such a great theme with a wealth of wonderful options, so I am trying to figure out my choice, but I have your post open in the tab to remind me! :)

  12. Hi Emily. I noticed that the comment was on the side too after you said. Before hand it was telling me on my side that it didn’t go through. Strange. That’s great that you would like to participate. I look forward to hearing what topic you choose.

    Also would I be able to change topics for the Sinatra blogathon. If it’s free could I do “The Devil At 4 0 Clock”?

    • Judy
      | Reply

      Hi Crystal and Emily, just noticed this comment and The Devil at 4 O’Clock is still available – I’ve changed it on the list over at my blog. Thanks again for taking part, Crystal.

      • Hi Emily. I just noticed that I don’t have “The Devil At 4’0 Clock in my collection. I thought I did, but turns out I haven’t. So would I be able to change to another topic?

        • Emily
          | Reply

          Of course! Let me know whenever you decide!

  13. […] take part in the Sinatra Centennial Blogathon, which I’m hosting jointly with Emily over at The Vintage Cameo – and thanks so much again to Emily for co-hosting and creating all our fabulous banners. […]

  14. mercurie80
    | Reply

    I can’t believe no one has taken Ocean’s 11 yet! I would like to take that.

    Terence at A Shroud of Thoughts

    • Emily
      | Reply

      We couldn’t believe it either! Thanks for claiming it–it’s yours!

  15. Gary Cahall
    | Reply

    This sounds like a ring-a-ding-ding idea for a blogathon, Emily. On behalf of MovieFanFare, please put me down for a look at The House I Live In, an Oscar-winning 1945 short film in which Frank straightens out a gang of kids about religious prejudice (boy, could we could a little Sinatra now!). I’ll post one of your banners on our homepage over the weekend.

    • Emily
      | Reply

      Excellent choice, Gary! And thanks for the promotion! :)

  16. Dan Akira (@CrimsonK1959)
    | Reply

    Hi Emily–another Frank fan here. A lot of my favorites are taken but it looks like Come Blow Your Horn is free. I’ll enjoy watching (or maybe re-watching) and writing about it on

    • Emily
      | Reply

      Sounds great, Dan! Looking forward to reading it!

  17. Hi Emily. I was able to attain a copy of “The Devil At 4, 0 Clock” today, so I can do that one after all. Put me back down for that one. Sorry about the slight hiccup.

  18. Hi Emily. I’m not if my last comment went through or was swept to the side again like it’s showing on mine. I ended up attaining a copy of “The Devil At 4,0 Clock” so you can put me back down for that .

    • Emily
      | Reply

      Excellent, I’ll get you back down for it! A worthy purchase :)

  19. Diana
    | Reply

    Hi Emily! I’d love to take part in this with a piece called Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack: The Ultimate #SquadGoals. My blog is called “Flickin’ Out.” It’s at Thanks! Diana

    • Emily
      | Reply

      Ahaha that sounds awesome. Looking forward to it!

  20. starsandletters
    | Reply

    Hi Emily,

    Can I join with a letter from Frank Sinatra?

    Thanks! Janet from

    • Emily
      | Reply

      Sure! Excited to see what you choose!

  21. Carrie-Anne
    | Reply

    Could I do a post about Frank’s early days as a teen idol, and all the screaming female fans? My blog is called Welcome to My Magick Theatre, at Thanks!

    • thevintagecameo
      | Reply

      YES, I was hoping someone would cover this essential part of his career! Sounds great! :)

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