Underrated Detective Movies on Rupert Pupkin Speaks

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Brian of the esteemed movie blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks has been hosting another of his wonderful “Underrated” series, this time focusing on the Detective and Mystery movie genre. He’s had a great line of movie folks submitting lists so far (and in fact, a bit dangerous in terms of rapidly expanding my queue of must-see movies), and today is my day!

31 Days of Oscar: Actors Playing Actors

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Hollywood loves a good behind-the-scenes tale, so it’s fitting that the Oscars have rewarded a number of actors for playing… well, actors. Though it may seem like an obvious and easy role given their own career, portraying an actor on screen offers a unique set of challenges for thespians. Not only do they need to make the audience believe their character as a real person, as all actors do, but they must do this while calling attention to their acting process, by virtue of their character’s profession. It can be a challenging task to keep their acting relatively invisible, and some actors have managed great success in this realm.

Best Firsts of 2013

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This was a great year in vintage film for me, with my That’s Entertainment project starting at the beginning of 2013, and The Vintage Cameo starting in May, so I thought I’d go through and pull together a list of some of my favorite older movies I saw for the first time this year. I chose one for each month to cultivate some sense of order, and to restrict me from just talking about all the new Gene Kelly movies I saw.