31 Days of Oscar: Women Director Snubs

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Women have been a part of the film industry since the very beginning, yet looking at the list of Oscar nominees throughout history can feel a little… monolithic. Women make up a tiny, tiny percentage of those even nominated for major awards; the number of those who have won gets to be downright fractional. Kathryn Bigelow remains the first and ONLY woman to ever win the directing award, which she earned for The Hurt Locker at the 2009 Oscars. Before that, only three other women (Lina Wertmüller in 1976, Jane Campion in 1993, and Sofia Coppola in 2003) had even been nominated; no women have been nominated since Bigelow won.

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Night on Broadway: Celebrating DTLA’s Movie Palace Legacy

Downtown Los Angeles has seen a lot of change and transformation within this past century—and quite a bit even just in the past few years. The street was home to the first and largest theater and cinema district in the country, including twelve that still exist today. Once considered the main commercial district and center of the city, the area largely fell into disrepair during the ’70s and ’80s—some movie palace sites now live on only as parking lots. But seven years ago, local Councilman José Huizar established the Bringing Back Broadway initiative, which now includes a free annual event to encourage more visitors to check out the area. This year’s Night on Broadway took place this past weekend, and was a wonderful experience for any fan of classic movie theaters. Continue Reading →


Rare Musicals on TCM – February 2015

Short and sweet this month, though not for any lack of musicals —within a span of about a week alone, you can catch An American in Paris, Funny Girl, or Fame on TCM! The flip side is that the “rarities” are a little scarcer for my purposes here, due to their annual Oscar history highlights. Most of the musicals airing this month are happily available for your viewing pleasure in just about every format, but here are a few to set the DVR for if you so choose. Since we’re in the Oscar spirit here, I’ve also included each film’s relevant award nominations or wins. Continue Reading →


Royal Wedding (1951)

Royal Wedding has an astoundingly formidable pedigree within the world of classic musicals: it boasts two featured dance numbers in That’s Entertainment, a cast that includes Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, and Peter Lawford, and a director (Stanley Donen) who was smack dab between directing On the Town and Singin’ in the Rain when he worked on it. And yet, as a whole, Royal Wedding is also a bit of an underperformer, seldom factoring into discussions of Hollywood’s greatest musicals, and barely broaching similar name recognition to Astaire and Donen’s other pictures. Continue Reading →


2014 Favorites—and their Classic Film Counterparts

When you’re a classic movie fan, it can feel hard to motivate yourself to get to the multiplex for contemporary movies—knowing that it means you don’t get to use that time to watch a Buster Keaton comedy or Esther Williams musical or Charles Laughton drama or something jaw-droppingly amazing from 50 years ago that you’ve somehow still never seen. And, true, a lot of today’s movies—or at least the ones that are advertised ad nauseam—tend to veer towards the mindless, forgettable, and non-jaw-dropping spectrum of entertainment, one which we are luckily often able to avoid in older films, given our decades of insight and knowledge. Continue Reading →


Happy Holidays from Bing and Frank (1957)

GetTV kicked off the holiday season earlier this month with “Happy Holidays from Bing and Frank,” the 1957 Christmas episode from the “Frank Sinatra Show”—airing again tonight in celebration of Sinatra’s 99th birthday. It’s a charming, if slightly bizarre, holiday special… as I think many classic holiday specials are. The boys certainly encourage—and partake in—some holiday libations throughout the show, so I think that’s the best mindset to approach it from. Continue Reading →


Gift Guide for Classic Movie Fans

Still looking for something special to give to that special someone? Well, if they’re one of those rare breeds known as a “classic movie fan,” I’ve got you covered—whether your finances run more towards Eliza Doolittle than Charles Foster Kane. Continue Reading →

Well, that's not... super creepy... at all...

Rare Musicals on TCM – December 2014

Welcome to December, y’all! It’s been quiet here for the past couple months, but I think things have settled down a bit, so I should be around more starting now… hopefully. I can never miss one of my rare musical posts though, and TCM has some fun stuff this month though, courtesy a couple spotlights on musical directors like Don Weis and Charles Weathers. Let’s see what’s in store! Continue Reading →

No pressure at all on James Stewart and Eleanor Powell in BORN TO DANCE

Rare Musicals on TCM – November 2014

This month features a few theme nights that play into my strengths—namely, some Eleanor Powell and Bob Hope flicks. There’s a lot of other interesting stuff, featuring some of the biggest names in musicals, so let’s get to it! Continue Reading →

The tooootally not beautiful Katy Jurado, sure

Hispanic Blogathon: Katy Jurado

Her name was María Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado García, but to Hollywood, she was just Katy Jurado. She was the first Latina woman to win a Golden Globe award—and the first to be nominated for an Oscar. Katy was a trailblazer for Latina women in the industry, but, in spite of friendships and marriages among the Hollywood elite, she ultimately, and perhaps surprisingly, chose to live out her life in her Mexico instead of pursuing the industry in Los Angeles. Continue Reading →